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Upcycling, Repurposing, Transforming

Rubbish Raggamuffins

Turning old things, unused things, confused things into new things.

Frothy Betty takes all sorts of items and scraps, turning them into usable items and beautiful art. 

We offer a drop off service and custom creation process for your preloved items that you don't want to throw away or part with but don't quite know where to store it or what to do with it.


We discuss with you the options for creating a new piece just for you. Saving on landfill and reducing the burden of mass production and the throw away commercial market. Think before you throw.

Have your own item custom made or have a look at the variety of ready made creations we have on offer.

Ready made Art Items can be viewed and purchased at our gallery and shop during open studio times.

or simply drop in to discuss your upcyclable stuff.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Buttons pic.jpeg

Timber Buttons

Buttons, pendants and sculptures made from timber offcuts.


Woven Baskets

Baskets, rugs and wall hangings made from fabric scraps, upcycled clothes and repurposed manchester.


Custom Art

Water colour and pencil on upcycled timber scraps.

Wooden tile puzzle.jpeg

Wooden Puzzles

Unique interchangeable patterns crafed on salvaged fence palings.

Robot T.jpeg


T-shirts, Skirts and a variety of other clothes block printed or hand drawn on old stock, seconds and repurposed second hand.

Bottle top jelly fish.jpeg

Bottle top Mosaics

Colourful mosaics created using saved plastic bottel tops.

Truck art chair

Garden Chairs

Customised old outdoor chairs giving them a new lease of life.



One off customised pieces created from salvaged timbers, left over tiles and found objects. Also rejuvenated old furniture.

Widget guy.jpg

Widget Art

Small sculptures created using mixed media and found objects.

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