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In the Frothy Betty Studio Garden

A special place to relax and unwind, to feel the earth and art flow together in this Melbourne suburb by the bay. 

We hope that you will stop by the studio and garden and enjoy the space. Please check the home page for open times and contact us with any enquiries.

Studio gallery shop

art and printmaking cards, clothes, upcyclyed items for sale.

There are plenty of nice places to sit and relax in the garden, while sipping some of our Frothy Betty refreshments. Take a look through the studio and shop.


Food Swap / urban harvest

Last weekend of the month beginning in January 2023

Seeds, herbs and plants for sale


Seeds Saved

Saved seeds are available for purchase and at swap meets, currently coriander and rocket. 

Chime bars.jpeg

Sound Scapes

Custom designed sensory sound sculptures, tongue drums and chime bars.


Kitchen Garden

We grow a lot of our own produce, including herbs, Kaffir lime leaves, Bay leaves, vegetables, Peach, Lime, Lemon, Pomegranate, Grapes, Mandarine... and more.



Occasionally propagated plants are available for purchase or simply sit in the studio garden and enjoy.

flower sage tea.PNG


Light refreshments at studio open times and workshops. Unique blends with home grown goodness.

Fresh Coffee Beans


The studio garden is a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a rich cup of Coffee, Tumeric Latte, or Pakistan Chai.

Frothy Totem.jpeg


You will find all sorts of sculptures throughout the garden. Some of these are transient.

Fish Pond.jpeg


Come and relax a while in the studio garden and just be with the surrounds.


Art Studio

Our garden is home to a fully functioning art studio. Open studio sessions, workshops and drop in times available.

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